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Research Interests

"I do anything purely out of self-motivation and self-interest, out of the anticipatory excitement for a new 'idea' or 'thing' that is yet  not mine nor is it on someone else's website even if the expected value for such an event is relatively small."           

One of the areas that gets me really excited about Computer Sciences is Systems and Application Security.  This is what my Master's Research is about, my undergrad thesis was built on and my first real job was about, and this is what I have been doing for fun. [ mist,  railsspace [2]]
  My other broad areas of interest include Distributed Systems, Compilers, Network Protocols, Database Management Systems (efficient and reliable mining, NoSQL) and Identity Management (user-centric identity : Identity 2.0, the likes of  open-social, OpenID, Facebook Connect, OAuth and Card-space)

Current Projects::

* Static analysis of software components to find security vulnerabilities using Rose compiler framework

Recent Projects::        Open All   

* Verification of a newly proposed hardware sorter using Model Checking, Spring 2011

* File Sharing / Backup Application (like Dropbox) using Amazon Cloud Services, Spring 2011

* Distributed Key Value Store, Spring 2011

* Secure Electronic Voting System, Fall 2010

* ReDbg: Smart Debugger for Reverse Engineers, Spring 2010

* Measurement Study of Online Social Networks, Spring 2010

* Design and Implementation of a framework for energy management of mobile devices, Fall 2009

Undergraduate Thesis::

* Design and Implementation of a Unified hardware architecture for non key-based cryptographic hash primitives

Recently on my mind::

(Warning: updation frequency is of the orders of the period of Halley's comet - well, you get the idea!)

* cURL and wget
* Identity management and propagation, Single Sign-On/Log-Off
* Cloud Computing
* OpenFlow & NetFPGA
* Issues with Digital Forensics
* Spam, Spam and more Spam !
* Social Networking Dynamics


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