Computer Sciences Dept.

Kevin Alejandro Roundy

Graduated with Ph.D. in May 2012
After graduating I joined Symantec Research Labs, where I am currently a Technical Director, in the Los Angeles area.
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Teaching Assistant Experience

  • CS 536 - Introduction to Programming Languages and Compilers
  • CS 538 - Introduction to the Theory and Design of Programming Languages
    Designed test-suites for projects in Scheme, ML, Prolog, and Python.
  • CS 552 - Introduction to Computer Architecture
  • CS 564 - Database Management Systems: Design and Implementation
    Taught study sections, set up and administered PostgreSQL database for each student with appropriate protections, designed a course project, created instructions for it, and built up infrastructure for the project.
  • CS 784 - Introduction to Database Theory (Graduate Course)
    Wrote thorough lecture notes for each research paper covered in the class, including papers on information retrieval, indexing for data warehouse applications, concurrency control, data mining, and deductive databases.

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