Selected Press

Wired (UK), 2016: "This robot changes how it looks depending on your personality"

IEEE Spectrum (US), 2016: "This robot changes how it looks at you to match your personality"

Discovery News (US), 2016: "Robot adjusts stare, makes itself less creepy"

Popular Science (US), 2014: "Robots seem more thoughtful if they glance away while they talk"

New Scientist (UK), 2014: "The robot tricks to bridge the uncanny valley"

IEEE Spectrum (US), 2014: "What robot behavior makes people feel uncomfortable?"

Science Nation (US), 2012: "Robots that can teach humans"


Paper Awards

Best of CHI Honorable Mention Award (Top 119 in 2150), ACM/SigCHI Human Factors in Computing (CHI 2015)
Andrist, Mutlu, & Tapus: Look Like Me: Matching Robot Personality via Gaze to Increase Motivation

Best Paper Award Nominee (Top 5 in 132), ACM/IEEE Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2014)
Andrist, Tan, Gleicher, & Mutlu: Conversational Gaze Aversion for Humanlike Robots

Highly Commended Paper (Top 3 in 61), Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA 2013)
Andrist, Mutlu, & Gleicher: Conversational Gaze Aversion for Virtual Agents



Graduate Student Research Award from UW Madison Department of Computer Sciences: 2016

Chateaubriand Research Fellowship: 2013-2014

Travel scholarship to IVA conference in Edinburgh, UK: 2013

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship (Honorable Mention): 2012

Grace Wahba Fellowship: 2010-2011