Knobs and Levers

Pick one of the two interaction options and play with the sliders and drop-down menu to see reachability of different areas of Madison by public transporation.

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To determine reachability from an arbitrary point, click on the map to add a 'you are here' marker. Drag it around to change the position. Changing the parameters in the form below the map will interactively update the map, as well as the count of places reachable in the neighboring legend.

Try clicking/dragging the marker around Madison to see how location changes reachability of destinations in Madison. Note how the reachability counts change in the legend. Next, try dragging the slider to change the time of day that a trip starts at. The size of the circles signifies the reachable area by walking, radiating from a reachable bus stop.

Clicking on the circles will display detailed information, and clicking on bus routes will yield a link to the official bus route page.


The following sites were instrumental in getting this implementation up and running:

Future Work


There are a couple things still that can be implemented, while the majority of the technical work to gather the data has been done:

5/1/2014: Cloudmade removed access to their styled map tiles, so the map above now uses the OSM defaults.

If you have any comments, please let me know!! I would love to hear suggestions of things you would find neat to do with this map. My e-mail: sarikaya@cs.wisc.edu (HTML-encoded, so hopefully the bots don't get it :))

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