CS838: Computer Graphics Rendering

Topic 5: Rendering Large Models (in real time)

Lecture 5-1: Introduction and Model Simplification
Lecture Slides The contents of this lecture was derived from the "Interactive Walkthroughs of Large Geometric Datasets" course at SIGGRAPH 2000 (course 18). This course is offered yearly at SIGGRAPH, and updated to reflect new developments. There is also a course concentrating on level of detail only.
Lecture 5-2: Run-Time Level of Detail Control
Lecture Slides This lecture was based on Jonathan Cohen's course notes for the SIGGRAPH 2000 "Interactive Walkthroughs of Large Geometric Datasets" course, and also on notes and papers discussed in the "Advanced Topics in Level of Detail" course.
The terrain rendering papers of note are:
Lecture 5-3: Replacing Geometry with Images
This lecture was based on the original papers. Reference information is scattered through the lecture notes.
Lecture 5-4: Visibility: Introduction and Object-Space Approaches
This lecture was based on the original papers and a survey by Daniel Cohen-Or, Yiorgos Chrysanthou and Claudio T Silva, "A Survey of Visibility for Walkthrough Applications", which can be found in the SIGGRAPH 2000 course notes, course number 4. References to specific papers appear in the notes.
Lecture 5-5: Visibility: Image-Space and Volume-based Approaches
See the note above for reference information.

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