Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) Paper Presentation Assignment

For this assignment, you will prepare and give an in-class presentation of a paper related to non-photorealistic rendering (more properly called artistic rendering, or something positive).

The papers to choose from are listed below. The papers selected generally had high impact when they were originally published. Others cover an important area of illustration or something very different from the others. Some are just interesting or produce great pictures. Some papers are paired, in which case you should present both. The pairings generally couple a static approach with its animated or real-time extension, and there is no need to give each paper equal importance when presenting.

If, for some reason, you really wish to present a paper that isn't on the list, ask me.

In the interests of simplicity, the first to claim a paper gets to present it. Claim a paper by sending me email. I will use "sent time" to judge "first". You can change your paper, but I'd rather you didn't. When papers are claimed, they will be marked as such on this web page.

I have hard-copies of all of the papers (just one of each), most with colour if relevant. I also have most of the pertinent SIGGRAPH proceedings, and those that I don't have, Prof. Gleicher probably does have. Same for videos. I strongly recommend tracking down the video if there is one associated with your paper.

Note that many of the links below are to the ACM Digital Library, to which the university has a subscription.You may not be able to access those links from machines that are not on a subdomain.

The Choices:

A large bibliography with web links, compiled by Craig Reynolds, is available to help track down references.

Preparing Your Presentation

The aim of your presentation is to give the flavour of the paper, not to give all the details. Some key points to address (not exhaustive):

You should aim to talk for less than 30 minutes, and be prepared for questions. A reasonable heuristic is that one slide lasts for two minutes, but individuals vary slightly. I will make every effort to help you print colour slides. It may be more effective to pass a book around class for material that will not reproduce well. Be sure to give me ample notice of any special requests (at least two days).


This presentation will be worth approximately 20% of your final grade for the course. I will be grading primarily on how well you convey the essence of the paper, and how well you appear to grasp its content. Please view this as very worthwhile practice for the future - a chance to talk in front of a small friendly group with positive feedback.

Feel free to discuss your presentation with me before you give it, and to discuss the papers with your fellow classmates.

Prof. Stephen Chenney
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