The following is a list of funny stuff in which I was lucky to be involved when I was in USTC.

1,《自 由星空》

This is a MV directed by Ruocan Zhao, a graduate student in USTC.

USTC website:

2,《科 大映像》

This is a USTC official publicity film.

USTC website:

3,《爱 在天际》

This is a musical theatre to commemorate Guo Yonghuai, a recipient of Two Bombs, One Satellite Achievement Medal and the first chair of the department of Chemical Physics, USTC, and his wife Li Pei, a Chinese linguist.

It is supported by China Association for Science and Technology, and directed by Baiyang Yu, a professor in USTC.


USTC website: 

      (Guess what's my role?)


Other random things:

1, 麦屯羊毛教

2, 报 税指南(supported by CSSA)

3, 中 国留学海外的PhD一般怎么找对象?(知乎日报)

4, Some of my plants.