Shuai Shao(邵帅)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, PhD Candidate

I am a 5th year PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Sciences, UW-Madison. I am fortunate to be supervised by Prof. Jin-Yi Cai. I received a M.A. degree in math and a M.Sc degree in computer sciences during my study at UW-Madison.

Before coming to UW-Madison, I was a research intern in the Lab of Electromagnetic Space Information, supervised by Prof. Honggang Hu. I received my B.Sc. degree in the HUA Loo-Keng Talent Program in Mathematics (Honors Program) in 2014 from the School of the Gifted Young, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).

My CV (last updated in July 2020).

Research Interests

My research interests lie in theoretical computer science. Currently, I am focusing on the complexity classification of Holant problems, an expressive framework for counting problems. In particular, I am thrilled to explore the connection between Holant problems and quantum entanglement theory. I am also interested in approximation algorithms for counting problems.

Research Articles

Invited Talks

  • On the Complexity of Holant Problems

         Theory Seminar, Institute of Software, CAS        Jan. 2020      
         The 4th Shenzhou Forum, Harbin Institute of Technology        Dec. 2019.

  • Complexity Classification of Six-Vertex Models
         China Theory Week, Tsinghua University        Sept. 2018   

Teaching Experience

  • Instructor: Advanced Computer Science for High School Students, UW-Madison.     Summer 2018

  • Teaching Assistant: Numerical Linear Algebra, UW-Madison.     Spring 2019

  • Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Algorithms, UW-Madison.     Fall 2018, Summer 2017

  • Teaching Assistant: Numerical Methods, UW-Madison.     Fall 2017, Fall 2016, Spring 2016, Fall 2015

  • Teaching Assistant: Linear Algebra, USTC.     Spring 2013


Email: sh AT