Schedule for the Workshop on Agents that Learn from Other Agents

8:30-10      Welcome and introduction to the workshop
             Invited talk by Tom Mitchell
10-10:30     Break
10:30-11:00  Session I: Theory of team learning
             Talk 1  "Team learning of formal languages"
                     by Sanjay Jain and Arun Sharma
11:00-12:00  Session II: Learning from instruction
             Talk 2  "Combining learning from instruction with 
                     recovery from incorrect knowledge"
                     by Douglas Pearson and Scott Huffman
             Talk 3  "Conflict and communication in instruction
                     and advice taking for learning agents"
                     by Benjamin Grosof
12:00-1:30   Lunch
1:30-2:30    Continue Session II
             Talk 4  "Learning from an automated training agent"
                     by Jeffrey Clouse
             Talk 5  "Learning from instruction and experience in
                     competitive situations"
                     by Jude Shavlik and Rich Maclin
2:30-3:30    Session III: Learning from observation
             Talk 6  "Agents that learn from other competitive agents"
                     by Minoru Asada, Eiji Uchibe, and Koh Hosoda
             Talk 7  "Experience with rule induction and k-nearest
                     neighbour methods for interface agents that learn"
                     by T. Payne, P. Edwards, and C. Green
3:30-4:00    Break
4:00-5:30    Session IV: Knowledge acquisition and refinement
             Talk 8  "Acquiring knowledge from users in a reflective
                     by Yolanda Gil
             Talk 9  "Distributed learning: An agent-based approach
                     to data-mining" 
                     by Winton Davies and Peter Edwards
             Talk 10 "Refining the knowledge of multiple agents" 
                     by Ciara Byrne and Peter Edwards (presented by Payne)
5:30-6:00    General discussion and workshop wrapup
6:00 on      Optional demos (if we have machines)

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