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    Computer Sciences Department
    University of Wisconsin - Madison

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    Info for current/prospective students

    If you are interested in working with me, please read the following information before contacting me.

    • Please make sure your research interests match with mine, as listed on my webpage.
    • Current UW undergraduate students: If you have taken at least one out of CS577 and CS520, please send me email to make an appointment. If you have not taken either of those courses, or equivalent, I would recommend taking them before starting an independent study with me.
    • Non-UW undergraduate students: At this time, I do not have any summer internships to offer.
    • Prospective graduate students: Please apply through the CS department's website. After you have sent in your application, feel free to email me.
    • Current UW graduate students: If you have never worked with me before or taken a course with me, I may be able to offer you an independent study, but generally do not offer an RA right away. Please send me email. Others: you know how to get in touch with me.
    • Prospective postdocs or non-UW graduate students: make sure that you have read some of my work and we have common interests. Please email me your resume. I may have funding available.

Last modified: Thu Oct 18 2007