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C h r i s t i a n
     ICOC.org - my church's website
     Kingdom News Network (KNN) - Stay up on the happenings of the church.
     Aces Online - Bible study links and info
     Kingdom Road - Online store for Christian Music and other merchandise
     Bible Online - fully functional electronic Bible site
     BMG's Sound & Spirit Music Club - Great deals on Christian Music CD's.

M u s i c

Go to MP3.com  Download music and everything you need to play and make your own MP3 files

Go to Layer3.orgAnother great site for MP3 downloads

Go to Winamp.com The site for the best music file player on the net

Download MP3's and the MusicMatch Jukebox.  Great encoder and player.

Lycos MP3 Search - Great search engine for MP3's.

Go to Scour.netScour.net - This search engine will "scour" the internet for many types of multimedia files.

Go to BMGA great music club.  Sound and Spirit section has a great selection of Christian Artists.

M o v i e   a n d   T V   S t u f f

Go to the Internet Movie Database websiteThe Internet Movie Database.  Info on almost any movie, TV show, actor, or filmmaker that ever existed.

Go to the Movie Times Box Office website  Box office stats and other info about movies and actors.

Go to StarWars.com   The Official Star Wars Website

Go To Watto's Junkyard   Watto's Junkyard - Info and downloads about the new Star Wars movies

Catch up on your favorite TV shows