My Projects

NSF Award Parser

A set of three Java programs that analyze a massive number of .xml files, the type given by the NSF Awards Database. The program reads all of the files, and uploads them into an Excel spreadsheet.

Utilizes the Apache POI, specifically an extension that allows for information to be written in a sliding window, limiting the amount of heap space being used. Has been used with databases of over 400,000 items with no loss of performance

Modified to be able to be easily used by non-programmers, to account for any foreseeable errors.

Two other programs serve to analyze the spreadsheet and filter out by any given criteria (in our case, by institution and date), and to assign groupings based on any further criteria. The program could easily be modified to fit a wide range of purposes.

EU4 Province Editor

A program written in Java using NetBeans that is still in development. It utilizes Java Swing to allow for easy editing of many of the files used in the game "Europa Universalis IV", by Paradox Interactive.