Without You

Verse 1
As I sit here and think
about all that I'm missing.
all that I'm missing oh yeah
But everything that
I could ever ask for of you

All the past time we've spent,
wondered how you've been,
wondered how you've been oh yeah
But the more that you're on my mind,
I'm just lonely and blue can't you see

Why can't you be with me to hold me tight,
just be with you will make everything better and right.

I wanna have you by my side
you always make it right
and without you my heart starts to cry
How will I ever go on,
how will I stay strong
do you see without you my soul dies

Verse 2
It's a terrible night,
remembering what we had,
remembering what we had. oh yeah
And I can't sleep or wake
and thinking of you makes me sick as you do.

I can't seem to shake you off my mind,
just wanna go back in time to just press rewind

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You're all that I want,
you're all that I need
So why don't you come in baby please

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Karlen Lie
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