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Sports Links

Will Duke hoops return to championship form? They were awesome before I got to Duke, and they're awesome again now that I've left (even without Marty Clark). Go Devils!!

My hometown baseball team, the Cleveland Indians.

The coolest minor league baseball team in the world is the Durham Bulls. Now that they're affiliated with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, I'm no longer bothered by their previous affiliation with the hated Atlanta Braves. But now that they're Triple-A, I probably don't field better than their 3rd baseman any more.

Two good places to find sports news are ESPN.com and the Raleigh N&O sportserver.

NASA Links

I spent two summers working at NASA Lewis Research Center (which has since been renamed John Glenn Research Center) in sunny Cleveland, Ohio . NASA has all kinds of cool links to stuff like the Space Shuttle and pretty pictures from the Hubble Telescope. You can even look up Microgravity and read all about the branch I worked for.

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

The comic hero of all electrical engineers:

Select here for today's Dilbert. 

The syndicate where you can find all sorts of other cool comic strip homepages is UExpress.

Rock posters by artist Derek Hess.

Lyrics to Weird Al songs.

Updated: Nov 7, 2000.