ML with scikit learn

Implementations of different learning algorithms with scikit-learn

Quadratic Programming

A MATLAB implementation of a quadratic program solver

Spark Projects

Some big-data projects with Spark (and sometimes MLlib)


  • Spring 2015: Teaching Assistant

    I was the teaching assistant for CS640: Introduction to Computer Networks. I was responsible for grading programming assignments, assisting the instructor with in-class activities and holding office hours for a class of about 85 students.

  • Summer 2015 - Summer 2016: Research Assistant

    I worked with Prof. Shuchi Chawla as a research assistant, working on algorithmic game theory. I was one of 5 recipients of the Summer Research Fellowship by the CS department in 2015.

  • Fall 2016 - Spring 2017: Teaching Assistant

    I am one of the two teaching assistants for CS536: Introduction to Programming Languages and Compilers. I am responsible for grading programming assignment, creating and grading exams and holding office hours for a class of more than 100 students.


  • srini AT cs DOT wisc DOT edu
  • 1301, Department of Computer Sciences, UW Madison