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Best Bumpersticker on Borg ship:
"Blonde Borgs have the same fun."

Top Ten Reasons Why The Three Stooges Could Easily Take Command of the Enterprise

10)Troi would not comprehend their emotions: "Captain, I sense...whoo! whoo! whoo! ...You numbskull.... Why, I oughta..."
9) Riker will be reduced to tears when they call him "Fat Boy."
8) Transporter. Cream pie. You get the picture.
7) Curly could jam turbolifts with his head, rendering security unable to leave their deck.
6) Larry, Moe and Curly have already been where no man has been before.
5) The enterprise crew will be mesmerized by Curly as he does the curly shuffle, and Moe and Larry will take control of the enterprise.
4) Wesley won't be there to save the Enterprise in the last few minutes with something he learned in science class.
3) Picard doesn't know the block.
2) If Curly can take a lead pipe to the head, he's just going to laugh at a phaser on stun.
1) Any stooge can outrun Enterprise security.

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