All of these are true, and they were all copied off the web

Roddenberry made two other pilots during this era:(late 70's?)"Spectre" and "The Questor Tapes." "Spectre" was a lovely idea that could have made a great series, since its format allowed the inclusion of most major horror fiction, even including H.P. Lovecraft's "elder gods." It starred Robert Culp and Gig Young, and is a *FUN* movie, if you ever get a chance to see it. I believe it would have gone series, if made in the last few years, but at the end of the Nixon era, horror, even humorous horror, was unacceptable fare to the majority of TV watchers. ("Spectre" deals with an occult investigator and his M.D. sidekick, who keep getting involved with nasty superbeings from other times and dimensions; the hero's housekeeper is a witch, and puts a no-drinking geas on the alcoholic M.D. sidekick in the opening scenes.)
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Jennifer Hetrick ("Vash" in "Captain's Holiday" and "Qpid"): Had a couple of topless scenes in a 1979 movie called "Squeeze Play." She was credited as "Jenni Hetrick." "Squeeze Play" is available on videotape.

TOS "Obsession": Scotty says "Thank heavens", to which Spock replies "Mr. Scott, there was no deity involved; it was my cross-circuiting to B that recovered them." McCoy then says "Wee, then thank pitchforks and pointed ears!"

ST4: A storyline cut was a bunch of lines which indicated that Saavik was pregnant. When they started running out of screen time, these scenes were cut, since they were not essential to the main story in the movie. Of course, this means that, officially, IT NEVER HAPPENED. :-)

ST4: Kirk Thatcher:
     - Was associate producer of ST4.
     - Was the actor who played the Punk on the Bus in ST4.
     - Wrote the song "I Hate You" which the punk was listening to.
     - Is a member of the band "Edge of Etiquette" which performed the song.
     - has recently done work on the "Dinosaurs" series (Co-producer and
       creature creator?) which had an episode with the same plot as TNG
       one week.
     - Is Margaret Thatcher's son. ("THE Margaret Thatcher?")
According to  FASA  the  prime  directive  states:   "As the  right of each
sentient species to live in accordance  with its  normal cultural evolution
is considered sacred, no Star Fleet personnel may interfere with the healty
development of  alien  life  and culture.   Such  interference includes the
introduction of  superior  knowledge,  strength,  or technology  to a world
whose soceity is incapable of handling such advantages wisely.   Star Fleet
personnel may not violate this  Prime Directive,  even to  save their lives
and/or their ship, unless they are acting to right an  earlier violation or
an accidental  contamination  of  said  culture.     This  directive  takes
precedence over any and all other considerations,  and carries  with it the
highest moral obligation."

According to  Geoffery  Mandel's  book the  prime directive  states:  "When
contacting a  planet  making  normal  progress  toward  a  free  and united
society, a  Starfleet  officer  shall  make  no  identification  of self or
mission; no  interference with  the social  development of  said planet; no
references to space, or to  the fact  that there  are other  worlds or more
advanced civilizations.  The Prime Directive of  Non-Interference - revised

TNG:  Betazoids all have big black eyes.   Majel Barrett  and Marina Sirtis
are wearing black contact lenses--their eyes are not that dark.

TNG "11001001":  Binary 11001001 is decimal 201, and 2:01 kept showing up on
displays in the episode.

TNG "Home Soil":  You can hear in the background "Three[?] are trapped in a
turbolift and  two[?]  are trapped  in the  programmers' restroom."   So, I
guess we have proof that there are restrooms  on the  Enterprise-D (as well
as the two references in the movies (on the Excelsior, and Kirk in the Brig
in ST5 ("do not use in spacedock")) as well as the one you can't really see
in "Q-Who" when the Borg slice up the Enterprise).

TNG "The Neutral Zone":  Rick Sternbach was in one of the life support

TNG "The Neutral Zone":  There as a family tree  for Clare  Raymond (one of
the 20th  century  frozen  people).    When  they  created  the  tree, they
populated it  with  members  of  the cast  and characters  from other shows
(MASH, Giligan's Island, etc.)  I think Riker was married to Picard.

TNG "We'll Always Have Paris":  The Cafe de Artiste had a couple of strange
items on the menu,  including Croissant  Dilithium, Targ  Klingon ala mode,
Tribble in a Blanket, and John Cougar Mellencamp.

TNG:  Each  starship  has  a  dedication  plaque.    The plaque  on the USS
Tsiolkovsky ("The Naked Now") reads "Earth is the  cradle of  the mind, but
one cannot remain in the cradle forever".  The  plaque on  the Hoatio shows
that it built by Yoyodyne and reads "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"

TNG "Samaritan  Snare":   when  Picard and  Wesley arrive  at the Starbase,
there is  a  directory  listing  departments  and  personnel.   Filming was
stopped for  a  while  when this  directory was  installed while *everyone*
looked to see where they appeared,  since the  Starbase was  staffed by the
TNG crew.

TNG "The Defector":  Yes that  was Stewart  as one  of the  King's men with
Data on the holodeck.  The other man was NOT Frakes, however.

TNG "Q Who":  The  general consensus  is that  it *was*  Spiner playing the
part of Borg#1.  There is no screen credit, however.

TNG "Up the Long Ladder":  No, that is *not* Eddie Murphy as one of the 
clones, though it does look a bit like him.

TNG "Deja Q":  Q gives his IQ as 2005.

TNG "The Nth  Degree":   Barclay estimates  his IQ  to be  between 1200 and

TNG:  In a War of the Worlds episode ("Thy Kingdom  Come"), there  is a kid
playing with action figures.  One of them is in the likeness  of Yar, Data,
Picard, or Riker and he mentions something about Ferengi.

Two episodes of TNG  have appeared  to be  clones of  "Red Dwarf" episodes.
The episode  where  Picard  ordered  Data to  lie and  everyone wiped their
memories was a clone of "Thanks for  the Memory".   The  5th season episode
"The Game" was a clone of "Better Than Life".

TNG: The "horseshoe" rail on the bridge is actually made of wood. Yes, I know it *looks* like wood, but it isn't the result of staining. Staining the horseshoe couldn't bring out the grain enough to be picked up by the cameras, so the horseshoe had to be *painted* to look like wood.

TNG satellite uplink times (Keystone wide band carrier (6.2 left, 6.8 right, 5.8 mono)):
Saturday 18:00-19:00 ET Telestar 301 transponder-9 (5 vertical)
Sunday 14:00-15:00 ET Telestar 301 transponder-9 (5 vertical)

DS9 satellite uplink times (Keystone wide band carrier (6.2 left, 6.8 right, 5.8 mono)):
Saturday 10:00-11:00 ET Telestar 301 transponder-9 (5 vertical)
16:00-17:00 ET Telestar 301 transponder-9 (5 vertical)
Sunday 16:00-17:00 ET Telestar 301 transponder-9 (5 vertical)

Sisko: "What's happening out there?"
Dax: "Subspace compression."
Sisko: "Ahh, subspace compression."
Dax: "Do you know what that is?"
Sisko: "Just a guess here. Technobabble?"