Welcome to the Wormhole!

This page is for users like you that do NOT have the latest version of netscape. If you did have it, you would see this neat flash of color and then automatically move to my ultra-enhanced homepage. (Actually, with new netscape 2.0b it just jumps without the cool flash. Because of this, I will probably move this to the page you just came from.) To make re-loading pages easier, I made the flash a separate page that automatically moves to the next one. So why am I telling you all this? It's just a neat little story that those other people will probably never get to hear. As such I planned to put a special little something on this page each month or so, but I haven't been keeping up. Just remember, any web-browser can be used to cruise through the wormhole.
Enter the Wormhole
Well today's neat story is brought to us by some unlucky traveller along the information superhighway. He was trying to decipher this weird symbol and turned into infobahn roadkill. The reason why it is there is simple, the image can not be displayed by your browser. So if I know this, why not fix my image? Well, it's not that easy. There are two main formats for storing images: GIF and JPEG. JPEG images take up less space because they "smooth" over the data. GIFs take up more space, but are shaper. Generally, JPEGS work better for "people pictures" and GIFs work better for drawings. Since I was running out of disk space, I converted my GIFs to JPEGs, but I am now convertting them back for your benefit. For all of you lynx users out there, all images will soon contain alternate text, so you don't have to look at "[IMAGE]" all the time.