Introducing the Latest Album from Three Cow's Balls:

three cow's balls
1. Horny OK Please!
2. Malaria Hospital.
3. Black Grimy Phlegm.
4. The 50 Rupee Taxi Ride.
(Haggling with a Camcorder Around My Neck.)
5. No Stags.
6. I Like Your Weißwurst.
7. Do You Have Your Visiting Card?
8. Headin' Back to Lord Sinha Road.
9. I am a Donkey.
10. Marwari's Can't Dance.
11. Aqua Java.
12. How I Miss the Tannery Aroma.


Look for our upcoming release: America for Dummies.

Calcutta 1999

Victoria Memorial.

View from the roof: cricketers in the foreground, "new Howrah bridge" in the distance.

All dressed up for the dhandia.

Intricate henna tattoo.

Vikash's parents add a dab of yoghurt to their son in the bizarre food-smearing ceremony.

The bride feeds the groom for the first time.

As Radhika (obscured by the confetti of petals) prepares to yoke Vikash with another garland, Mitul and Ameet come to the rescue, hoisting him up beyond her reach.

The wedding ceremony (only three more hours to go...).

Back: Axel, Radhika, Vikash, Prateek, Mitul
Front: Samir, Suan, Ameet, Nayan, Rajat


A crater and two volcanos (turned out to be Turkey's Mt. Ararat, 5137 m and 3895 m), as seen on the flight home.