Helsinki Photo Gallery

ESEC/FSE trip, August 30 - September 6, 2003

The images are 800x600, and I've shelved them into more or less bandwidth-friendly portions -- I'm not a big fan of thumbnails (and am too lazy to create them :-). Anyhow, if you want the original (1600x800) versions of any of these, just email me.

If you don't want to wade through all of them, you can also take the quick tour of the best photos (IMO).

  1. Helsinki! (548kb)
  2. Suomenlinna: page 1 (414kb), page 2 (705kb)
  3. Strolling through the southwest district (399kb)
  4. Seurasaari (833kb)
  5. That mystery tall church (180kb)
  6. Sibelius Monument (390kb)
  7. Evening Walk (503kb)
  8. Ateneum (104kb)
  9. Rautatientori (391kb)
  10. Landmarks (263kb)
  11. South of the City Center (468kb)
  12. Kauppatori (434kb)
  13. Zoo and Maritime Museum (724kb)
  14. Nuuksio National Park (868kb)
  15. Miscellaneity (435kb)
  16. Evening Boat Tour (420kb)
  17. The Moon (180kb)
  18. Dusk (233kb)
  19. Morning Photo Tour (589kb)
  20. Shopping District (688kb)
  21. Gargoyles from the Antelope Block (184kb)
  22. The Cathedral and Uspenski (722kb)
  23. More Miscellaneity (544kb)
  24. Old Yachts (283kb)
  25. Pictures from the Sky (400kb)
  26. Airports (266kb)

Photos by others (the ESEC/FSE "webring"? ;-):