March 28 - April 7, 2001

Firenze e Pisa

The famous Duomo of Florence.

Some random street in Florence.

A view of the Vecchio bridge over the Arno.

A solitary tower clings to a cliff overlooking the small town of Caprano

The landmark that needs no introduction.


A Venetian garbage "truck" busy at work.

Alexey and Zhendong waiting for the traffic light?

A dead end? Not quite...

Nearing the mouth of the Grand Canal (there's that garbage "truck" again).

A procession of gondolas wading through a narrow canal.

Gondolas moored at the Piazetta, with the Santa Maria de Salute looming behind.

Alexey taking pictures from the dock.

Alexey taking pictures from Rialto bridge.

The landmark Rialto bridge.

A parting shot over the Grand Canal, of the weary travelers returning to the train station (you may be able to discern a slight redness in their faces; this is due neither to fatigue nor the sun nor a crummy camera and a crummier scanner :-).


Genoa's famous Lanterna lighthouse - this is as close as we got. (Alexey, I assume your camera did better with the contrast :-).

Christopher Columbus' home, and the Porto Soprano.

A view of Genova from Righi (can you spot the Bigo?).

Resting at a park with a view of the distant fort. Can we make it there and back before dusk?

Posing at the entrance to the fort.

The fort portal overlooking eastern Genova.

A Tradition?

Seems that, without realizing it, I've been observing rather faithfully a tradition of concluding each of my galleries with an arial shot from the return flight. So, here's one of the magnificent ice sheets just off the coast of the Canadian Shield: