Vance Integral Edition
Incredible internet-coordinated effort by hundreds of volunteers worldwide to publish the complete works of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery author Jack Vance.
Malaysian Students Association, University of Wisconsin
Nice active community of Malaysian students here in Madison. I was once President of this organization.
SACM Hockey Club
Best sport in the world: and it's great that the CS department has its own hockey club.
Mu Mu Pi: National Fraternity of Marching Saxophones
Five good years spent in the University of Wisconsin Marching Band.
Hoofers Sailing Club
Probably the best way to spend the summer in Madison: sailing or windsurfing Lake Mendota.
Department of Physics Server, Angelo State University
Fun times setting up this server at ASU.
Millstone Hill IS Radar Data Grapher, Haystack Observatory
Relicts from my summer internship there, way back when.
I've left these here because at least one person out there said they use my "MIDI pitch pipe" to tune their banjo.
Braille table (English)
GIF number generator
HTML monthly calendar
MIDI pitch pipe
Java Applet Wrapper
Morse code