CS 740: Project Presentation Schedule

There is a best presentation award.




Talk Title

Dec 13 (Monday) 3.30-4 CS 4331 Aarti Singh, Niveditha Sundaram Simulation based Comparisons of Coding Techniques for Content Distribution
Dec 16 (Thursday) 10-10.30 CS 2310 Kedar Mane, Keith Framnes A Performance Oriented File Sharing Application using NICE
                            10.30-11 CS 2310 Randy Smith Finding Error Bounds in Internet Coordinate Systems
                            11-11.30 CS 2310 Henrik Gutle, Mike Ottumm Building efficient content-based forwarding trees
                            11-11.30 CS 2310 Michael Blodgett Looking into the Cloud: BGP Analysis for the small network operator
Dec 16 (Thursday) 2-2.30 CS 3331 Vivek Shrivastava Optimizing Bandwidth Allocation for Streaming Applications in p2p Networks
                            2.30-3 CS 3331 Shreepadma Venugopalan, Adwait Tumbde A Voronoi Partitioning Approach to support Massively Multiplayer Games
                            3-3.30 CS 3331 Eric Rozner (Vladimir Brik, Jesse Stroik) Increasing Throughput in Multi-hop, Multi-Radio, Ad-Hoc, Wireless Networks
                            3.30-4 CS 3331 Rob Johnson Tracking Spammers
                            4-4.30 CS 3331 Scott Finley Adding Incentives to BitTorrent