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Course Projects

A core part of this class are a set of exciting semester long projects that the students develop through the semester, some of which eventually make it to the different app stores. This year's projects are:

* Diabetic Log: Allows a diabetic patient to keep track of their conditions. Download app | YouTube link

* Grant Tracker (iOS): An app to track funds in grants. YouTube link

* Tuter: Allows students and tutors to find each other.

* Fill in my Blank: A social game that asks people to fill in best matching phrases with a twist. YouTube link

* OptiTimal: Allows users to track how they spend their own time. YouTube link

* ThinkTank: : Matches “wishes” of individual to resources that might be implementing them. YouTube link

* Trivia Time: A game to test your knowledge. YouTube link

* iSpy: An intruder alert system for your home. YouTube link

* Telesis: A game to tag each other through mobile phones. YouTube link

* Appointment Manager: Allows customers to reserve slots in salons (e.g., nail/spa, etc.). YouTube link

* E2G grant tracker (Android): Track funds in grants. YouTube link

* StreetSafe: An app to efficiently to send and view alerts related to unsafe incidents. YouTube link

* MenuDroid: An app to place food orders from restaurants. YouTube link

* Snapender: Use the phone's camera to snap a picture of interesting event announcements and push it to the calendar. Uses Microsoft Research's Hawaii toolkit. YouTube link

* MediTrack: An app to allow parent's to track baby's health stats efficiently. YouTube link

* WiscoHub: A campus-oriented Craiglist (currently for the UW-Madison campus). YouTube link

* Data Visualizer: An app to view datasets with certain relationships. YouTube link

* Memory game: An app to help evaluate the mental state of dementia patients. YouTube link

* TEL project: An app to help one prepare for actuarial exams.

* Doorstop: An app to allow TV viewers to store and share their ratings of different TV shows. YouTube link

* Engineering adviser: A mobile app that supplements the UW-Madison's Engineering advising services for students. YouTube link


* Assignment 4 announced. Due at 5pm on May 2, 2013. See Piazza post for details.

* Assignment 3 announced. Due on Apr 17 (Wed) in class.

* Mid-term II will be held on April 17.

* Assignment 2 announced. Due on Mar 22 (Fri) in class.

* Mid-term I will be held on March 18.

* Project proposal due on Feb 22 (Fri) in class. Please submit a typed version.

* Assignment 1 announced. Due on Feb 18 (11.59pm).

* We will have Friday classes each Friday in February.

* Jan 28-Feb 8 classes will be in Mumble lab and Mac lab.

* First class will be on Jan 23 (Wed). Please attend.

Course Description

This course will example efficient strategies to design and implement applications and services for mobile and wireless systems with a focus on mobile phone platforms. The course will start with an overview various mobile platforms that are broadly available today (iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Android). It will be followed by a broad array of topics in developing such applications and services, that include wireless communication issues, location-based services, cloud-based design, energy consumption and efficiency issues, human-computer interaction for small form factor devices, and system integration.

The main focus of the course will be a semester-long programming project that will be done in groups of 3. Students will be required to quickly come up to speed with their programming platform, define a specific project objectives in detail, and showcase a full application by the end of the semester.

Syllabus PDF

Required text

There are no required texts for this course as most of the material will be drawn from diverse articles.

General Information

Class Time MW 2.30-3.45pm, F 1-2.15pm
Room Soc Sci 5106 (MW), TBD (F)


Instructor Teaching Assistant 1 Teaching Assistant 2
Name Suman Banerjee Ozcan Ilikhan Michael Griepentrog
Office CS 7391 CS 1308 Mac lab
Office hours 4-5pm M W T 11.30-2.30pm, F 3.30-5.30pm T, Th, F 2.30-4pm

Please confirm meetings by email before you show up for office hours.

Class Mailing List
Final Exam TBA


Assignments will be due at the start of class on the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted, so turn in whatever you have done.

Handout Handed Out Comments Solutions
Course Overview and Syllabus


iOS / Android assignment 1: PDF – Due date Feb 18, 2013, 11.59pm

Assignment 2: PDF

Assignment 3: PDF – Due date Apr 17, 2013, in class.

Assignment 4: Audiocom experiments. See piazza post for details. Due on May 2, 2013 at 5pm.


Week Date Topic Reading Background Notes 5-min speaker
1 Jan 23, Wed Introduction, Warmup quiz
Jan 25, Fri Introduction (cont'd)
2 Jan 28, Mon iOS and Android labs
Jan 30, Wed - cont'd -
Feb 1, Fri - cont'd -
3 Feb 4, Mon - cont'd -
Feb 6, Wed - cont'd -
Feb 8, Fri - cont'd -
4 Feb 11, Mon Introduction, Wireless networking (+ project ideas)
Feb 13, Wed Wireless networking
Feb 15, Fri Teaming exercise (Helen C White)
5 Feb 18, Mon Wireless networking
Feb 20, Wed AppFest
Feb 22, Fri Graphic design (guest lecture)
6 (15) Feb 25, Mon
Feb 27, Wed App analytics (Insight)
Mar 1, Fri
7 Mar 4, Mon
Mar 6, Wed
Mar 8, Fri Mobile development (guest lecture)
8 Mar 11, Mon
Mar 13, Wed
Mar 15, Fri
9 Mar 18, Mon Mid-term I (in class)
Mar 20, Wed
Mar 22, Fri
Mar 25-29, Mon Spring break
10 Apr 1, Mon
(23) Apr 3, Wed
11 Apr 8, Mon
(25) Apr 10, Wed
13 Apr 15, Mon
Apr 17, Wed Mid-term II
14 Apr 22, Mon
(27) Apr 24, Wed
15 Apr 29, Mon
16 May 6, Mon optional last class
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