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* Jan 13: First class will be on Jan 19 (Tue). Please attend as there will be a warm-up quiz to test your background. No class on Jan 21 (Thu).

* Feb 3: Assignment 1 handed out. Due on Feb 11 (Thu), by midnight.

* Mar 16: Mid-term I available, due on Mar 23, in class.

* Apr 15: Mid-term II in class on Apr 29, Thu, in class.

* Apr 15: Mid-semester review of projects on Apr 26-27.

Course Description

This course will example efficient strategies to design and implement applications and services for mobile and wireless systems with a focus on mobile phone platforms. The course will start with an overview various mobile platforms that are broadly available today (iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Android). It will be followed by a broad array of topics in developing such applications and services, that include wireless communication issues, location-based services, cloud-based design, energy consumption and efficiency issues, human-computer interaction for small form factor devices, and system integration.

The main focus of the course will be a semester-long programming project that will be done in groups of 2-3. Students will be required to quickly come up to speed with their programming platform, define a specific project objectives in detail, and showcase a full application by the end of the semester.

Syllabus PDF

Required text

There are no required texts for this course as most of the material will be drawn from diverse articles.

General Information

Class Time T Th 1-2.15pm Tue, Thu
Room CS 1257 (subject to change)


Instructor Teaching Assistant
Name Suman Banerjee TBA
Office CS 7391
Office hours after class

Class Mailing List
Final Exam TBA


Assignments will be due at the start of class on the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted, so turn in whatever you have done.

Handout Handed Out Comments Solutions
Course Overview and Syllabus


Assignment #0: Go and register for an account (Due by 11.59pm on Jan 25, 2010)

Assignment #1: Reading aloud RSS feeds on Android: PDF (Due by 11.59pm on Feb 11, 2010) Some resources for the assignment (RSS parser etc.) can be found in this directory: Resources for assignment 1

Assignment #2: RSS reader for iPhone/Windows Mobile: description (Due by 11.59pm on Mar 2, 2010) Some resources for the iPhone version of the assignment (RSS parser etc.) can be found in this .tar.gz file: Resources for assignment 2

Mid-term I: PDF - Due in class on March 23, 2010. Hand in class as a print out of your answers, carefully formatted. Emailed versions will not be considered.

Mobile phone programming resources

Course projects

BadgerBuddy video (.mov): Find out about buildings, directions, and interesting events in the UW-Madison campus (Drusch, Jin, Rehberg)

BusRadar video (YouTube): Real-time information about Madison Metro bus (Choi, Dobkin, Mills)

BattleBall video (.mov): Use your phone as paddle and bounce a ball back and forth with your opponent (Hall, Johnson)

BlueCom video (YouTube): Use your phone as a virtual mouse and keyboard and interact with PS3, etc. (Griepentrog, Klein, Lang)

DateFinder video (YouTube): Find a date local to you who matches your profile and interests (Andryieuski, Olien, Tanumihardjo)

GoBuzz Mobile video (.m4v): Get streaming updates from your friends and contacts and interact with them through it (Lynch)

IO video (.mov): A space-based shooting game (Capel, Fischer, Hanson)

MapRace: Run a race with remotely located participants in which the phone keep tracks of relative performance (Bird, Delgado, Kahovec)

PocketMon video (YouTube): A phone-based variant of Pokemon (Beatty, Reardan)

Project Eyes video (.mpg): Assist people with speaking disabilities by allowing them to navigate a menu of words on the phone to construct sentences (Jenkins, Liu, Suski)

RobotControl video (.mov): Use your phone to control the large mobile robot (Miller)

TWisc: Learn about the UW-Madison campus (Boelter, De Los Santos, Halim)

VirtualNotes video (.avi): Leave virtual sticky notes in different locations and interact with others seeking similar information at given location (Ilikhan, Liao, Meyer)


The readings indicated are from the required textbook.

Week Date Topic Reading Background Notes 5-min speaker
1 Jan 19, Tue Warm-up quiz
Jan 21, Thu No class
2 Jan 26, Tue Introduction
Jan 28, Thu Android programming
3 Feb 2, Tue - cont'd -
Feb 4, Thu Windows Mobile programming (Brian Zill, MSR)
4 Feb 9, Tue iPhone programming
Feb 11, Thu - cont'd -
5 Feb 16, Tue Apps and development
Feb 18, Thu App fest
6 Feb 23, Tue Wireless networking Communication basics
Feb 25, Thu - cont'd -
7 Mar 2, Tue Overview of cellular data networking
Mar 4, Thu Intro to WiFi MACA paper
8 Mar 9, Tue - cont'd -
Mar 11, Thu App fest
9 Mar 16, Tue Mid-term I handed out
Mar 18, Thu Mid-term I discussions
10 Mar 23, Tue Localization GPS slides
Mar 25, Thu Non-GPS techniques RADAR
Mar 30, Tue Spring break
Apr 1, Thu Spring break
11 Apr 6, Tue - cont'd - Entracked, SurroundSense
Apr 8, Thu Energy efficiency NAPMan STPM (slides-1)
12 Apr 13, Tue - cont'd - Odyssey (slides-2)
Apr 15, Thu App services MicroBlog MoB EnLoc
13 Apr 20, Tue Cloud services SlingShot, CloudClone (slides)
Apr 22, Thu User-centric design (Prof. Mutlu)
14 Apr 27, Tue
Apr 29, Thu Mid-term II (in class, closed notes)
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