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 [[http://​​~suman/​courses/​638/​s10/​handouts/​HawaiiTutorial.pdf| Windows Mobile programming]] | [[windows-resources | More resources]] [[http://​​~suman/​courses/​638/​s10/​handouts/​HawaiiTutorial.pdf| Windows Mobile programming]] | [[windows-resources | More resources]]
 +====== Course projects =====
 +BadgerBuddy [[http://​​~suman/​courses/​638/​s10/​projvideos/​|video (.mov)]]: Find out about buildings, directions, and interesting events in the UW-Madison campus
 +(Drusch, Jin, Rehberg)
 +[[http://​​|BusRadar]] [[http://​​watch?​v=DnWZEV0evw4|video (YouTube)]]:​ Real-time information about Madison Metro bus
 +(Choi, Dobkin, Mills)
 +BattleBall [[http://​​~suman/​courses/​638/​s10/​projvideos/​|video (.mov)]]: Use your phone as paddle and bounce a ball back and forth with your opponent
 +(Hall, Johnson)
 +BlueCom [[http://​​watch?​v=iGa3_B76a7Q| video (YouTube)]]:​ Use your phone as a virtual mouse and keyboard and interact with PS3, etc.
 +(Griepentrog,​ Klein, Lang)
 +DateFinder [[http://​​watch?​v=eV_qaSOdlEY|video (YouTube)]]:​ Find a date local to you who matches your profile and interests
 +(Andryieuski,​ Olien, Tanumihardjo)
 +GoBuzz Mobile [[http://​​~suman/​courses/​638/​s10/​projvideos/​gobuzz.m4v|video (.m4v)]]: Get streaming updates from your friends and contacts and interact with them through it
 +(Lynch) ​
 +IO [[http://​​~suman/​courses/​638/​s10/​projvideos/​|video (.mov)]]: A space-based shooting game
 +(Capel, Fischer, Hanson)
 +MapRace: Run a race with remotely located participants in which the phone keep tracks of relative performance
 +(Bird, Delgado, Kahovec)
 +PocketMon [[ http://​​watch?​v=w8i5Xpx7cEQ|video (YouTube)]]:​ A phone-based variant of Pokemon
 +(Beatty, Reardan)
 +Project Eyes [[http://​​~suman/​courses/​638/​s10/​projvideos/​projecteyes.mpg|video (.mpg)]]: Assist people with speaking disabilities by allowing them to navigate a menu of words on the phone to construct sentences
 +(Jenkins, Liu, Suski)
 +RobotControl [[http://​​~suman/​courses/​638/​s10/​projvideos/​|video (.mov)]]: Use your phone to control the large mobile robot
 +TWisc: Learn about the UW-Madison campus
 +(Boelter, De Los Santos, Halim)
 +VirtualNotes [[http://​​~suman/​courses/​638/​s10/​projvideos/​virtualnotes.avi|video (.avi)]]: Leave virtual sticky notes in different locations and interact with others seeking similar information at given  location
 +(Ilikhan, Liao, Meyer)
 ====== Lectures ====== ====== Lectures ======
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