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OLD Instructions & FAQ

What to submit:

You will need to submit the source code along with a Makefile, located in a directory called p2/. Compress the directory into a single tar.gz file and name it p2.tar.gz. Do not submit object files, or compiled executables.

How to submit:

First add the following line to your .cshrc.local file (located in your home directory):

set path = ($path /s/handin/bin)

Then run the following command at the shell prompt:

source ~/.cshrc.local

Finally, to handin your files, enter the following command:

handin -c cs640-1 -a PA2 -d <directory>

where <directory> is the path to the directory where your tar.gz file is located. Note: handin will go through the specified directory and hand in all the necessary files, so make sure the directory contains only p2.tar.gz file.

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