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General Information

Note that these instructions are only relevant in the CS labs. Again, if you are using your own computer I would recommend installing Android Studio instead of Eclipse+ADT.

How to install ADT and Eclipse tools on the lab computers.

The book used as reference and for the tutorials can be found here.

This is all the content covered in the mobile portion of the class.

Course Content

Week 1

Lecture Slides

Reading Assignment: pages 0 - 368 in the Busycoder's Guide to Android.

Lab Tutorials: tutorials 2-7, inclusive.

Week 2

Lecture Slides

Friday Lab (2/13): Tutorials: 8-10

You can download one of the zip files below, extract, and import into your IDE (either Android Studio or Eclipse). These projects contain everything that should have been completed through the first 7 tutorials and serve as a fresh starting point.

Eclispse Zip

Android Studio Zip

If you have more time at the end of the lab, add a button with an onClick listener to your main activity. When the button is clicked, it should display a Toast which tells the user “Button was pressed”

Monday Lab (2/16) Tutorials 11-13

Download the zip files below to have all the completed code from tutorials 1-10. Unzip and import into your ide (Android Studio or Eclipse).

Android Studio Everything Before 11

Eclipse Everything Before 11

When you finish with the tutorials: 1. Create a button and a TextView on the main activity 2. Add on click listener to the button 3. The on click listener should change the text of the text view to “button was pressed”

Week 3

Lecture Slides

Yoga Project Overview

Yoga Lab #1 (Friday 2/20) only view in Google Drive (keeps formatting): Instructions

Yoga Lab #2 (Monday 2/23) only view in Google Drive (don't convert to pdf and download):Instructions Yoga #2

Yoga Lab #3 (3/6)

Yoga Lab #4 (3/9)

Week 4

Week 5

Rails Lab #1 (3/13)

Rails Lab #2 (3/16)

Week 6

Rails Lab #3 (3/20)

Final Lab (3/23)

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