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Android Homework 1

So far in labs, we have talked about Activities, Fragments, Basic Views/Widgets. We also gave you a template for a Rock Paper Scissors game with a plenty of code examples. Your task now is to make a Quiz app using a minimum of 1 activity and 2 fragments. You may add more functionality than we specify, just make sure what we want works correctly. We will not give leniency or extra points to anybody who implements special functionality.

Make a start screen:

Some sort of starting screen, with a way of beginning the quiz (Button, slider, etc.)

Make 2 Question screens:

  • Image Based question - You give an image and a question based on it below as a label. The user has to put the answer in an EditText and submit. The user would then move to the next question. Note: The user moves to the next question even if the answer is wrong.
  • Text based question - Show the question’s text to the user. The user then enters their response using a Checkbox, Radio Button, List View, or something other than an EditText. This means this question has to have a finite set of answers (ex. How many primary colors are there?, etc)

Make 1 result (screen/dialog): Display the quiz results and give the user an option to restart or quit. You can use a Dialog for this if you like, but you can choose any way to display the information.

We will be grading loosely on the following:

  1. Basic Functionality: does the app do what it’s supposed to/does it have the required components?
  2. Good UI: does the UI make sense for what we are trying to accomplish and does it work for all screen sizes
  3. Redundency: Do you have any redundant code? For example, declaring views that are not used.

You have to work on this homework individually. During the course of the development, you have to use GIT. Push an empty project onto GIT and continue building your app, making regular pushes. In the end, make a walkthrough video of your app being used and put it on Youtube.

Note: We would be tracking your progress on GIT directly. The link to the video should be posted in the Readme file of your github project.

The due date for homework completion is Fri, 19th February at 11:59pm.

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