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Homework 1 iOS

Last week, we learned about views and Auto layout. This challenge is about building a Quiz app which has a minimum of three view controllers. Two scenes containing questions and the final scene containing the result of the quiz.

We want you to create two question types:

*Image based question - You give an image and a question based on it below as a label. The user has to put the answer in a text box and submit. The user would then move to the next question. Note: The user moves to the next question even if the answer is wrong.

*Text based question - Show the question’s text to the user. The user enters the answer in a text box and then clicks next.

You can add more question types or features to the application if you like.

Once both (or more) the questions have been answered, show a summary which displays the number of correct answers. Make a “Restart” button on the final summary page, which takes the user to the main screen.

We will be grading (loosely) on the following things: 1. Interactions (Buttons, labels, transitions and text box) 2. Segues (data transfer between controllers) 3. Auto layout

You have to work on this homework individually. During the course of the development, you have to use GIT. Push an empty project onto GIT and continue building your app, making regular pushes. In the end, make a walkthrough video of your app and put it on Youtube.

Note: We would be tracking your progress on GIT directly. The link to the video should be posted in the Readme file of your github project.

The due date for homework completion is Fri, 19th February.

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