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 and do **pod init** and do **pod init**
-go on with the **GET STARTED** section **BUT**+open the **Podfile** in the folder
-instead of using the example Podfile in the GET STARTED section, use the following+add the following ​text
     target '​P2'​ do     target '​P2'​ do
-    pod '​AFBlurSegue',​ '~> 1.2.1' end+    ​ 
 +    ​pod '​AFBlurSegue',​ '~> 1.2.1' 
 +    ​end
-after pod install go to you project, from now on you **should use XXX.xcworkspace**+after **pod install** or **pod update** ​go to you project, from now on you **should use XXX.xcworkspace**
 OSX 10.11 BUG? OSX 10.11 BUG?
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