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Page About Dogs

High level overview. Keep it brief.

Dogs are mammals. They live in houses (usually.) Aren't dogs cool? Good thing you read this overview about dogs.

Training your Dog

A section about a specific set of tasks

Look, a section about training your dog! Why are you doing this? Why do you care? What other high-level components are affected by these actions?

Getting your Dog to Fetch

A task involving a number of steps. Include images where appropriate.

  1. Throw a ball
  2. Wait
  3. Give the dog a treat

Summary and deliverables

Try throwing a ball again. Did the dog bring the ball back? See, arent dogs great?

Teaching new Dogs old Tricks

  1. Buy a book about tricks
  2. Teach your dog to read
  3. Give the dog the book

Man, your dog is smart. don't listen to people on the internet who tell you cats are better.

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