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Shadow Front Page

This page mirrors the main lab page, but may have links turned off based on current progress through the course. You can also find some instructor-specific content here, such as example formatting, hidden pages, and templates for lab structure.

Notes to TAs are italicized.

Sample tutorial template. All tutorials should mimic this style. Avoid prose.

Week 1- Views

Week 2- Controllers

Week 3- Models

Week 4- Advanced Topics

Week 5- Backends

Midterm Topics


  1. MVC Theory
  2. Building Interfaces
  3. Common Views
  4. TableViewControllers/ListViews
  5. View Hierarchy


  1. Controller/Activity Lifecycle
  2. How are controllers organized? How do you get from one controller to antoher?
  3. NavigationController (iOS only)
  4. Delegation


  1. Interacting with HTTP- why do you have to do it?
  2. JSON
  3. Methods for persistence: defaults/preferences, databases, files
  4. Model design


  1. Git- what, why, and how
  2. Backends- what, why, and how.
  3. MEAN Stack- what are the basic software components of the stack?
  4. HTTP- message-based protocol, language of the web, etc.
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