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The Android programming track will consist of 3 programming assignments of which one is the quintessential “Hello World” :) .

Each one will be of varying complexity and hopefully at the end of those assignments you will be comfortable to program for your main project.

I will be putting up more information about those assignments shortly. To get you started, here is a link I highly recommend.

Incase of questions feel free to contact me or your TAs.

Vikrant (

Some information regarding Android availability on CS machines

The Android SDK has been installed in /s/android-sdk for linux, with all available platforms. The eclipse Android plugin has also been installed. When you first try to use it from eclipse, you'll need to configure the path to the sdk, which is /s/android-sdk (in eclipse, goto Window → Preferences, Android and enter /s/android-sdk for the “SDK Location:” box.

Also, each student needs to setup a fake android virtual device (AVD). This can be done with Window → Android SDK and AVD manager, or by starting up /s/android-sdk/tools/android. Then follow the instructions at to setup your AVD (android virtual device).

It all seems to work. The “Hello World” apps but that seemed to work with one caveat: The first time I started up an AVD, eclipse couldn't seem to connect to it. I closed it and had it start up again and everything was fine.

Finally, since this is installed in /s, it is available on ALL supported departmental red hat linux machines; not just the instructional labs. Also, since eclipse, android, etc. all run under X, any student can run eclipse/android remotely (though we don't promise blazingly fast performance) on any OS that has an X server and allows tunneling through SSH. Instructions on how to do this can be found on our web faq for both linux and windows.

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