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 Vikrant ( Vikrant (
 +** Some information regarding Android availability on CS machines **
 +The Android SDK has been installed in /​s/​android-sdk ​ for linux, with
 +all available platforms. ​ The eclipse Android plugin has also been
 +installed. ​  When you first try to use it from eclipse, you'll need to
 +configure the path to the sdk, which is /​s/​android-sdk (in eclipse, goto
 +Window -> Preferences,​ Android ​ and enter /​s/​android-sdk for the "SDK
 +Location:"​ box.
 +Also, each student needs to setup a fake android virtual
 +device (AVD). ​ This can be done with Window -> Android SDK and AVD
 +manager, or by starting up /​s/​android-sdk/​tools/​android. ​ Then follow
 +the instructions at
 +http://​​guide/​developing/​tools/​avd.html to setup
 +your AVD (android virtual device).
 +It all seems to work. The "Hello
 +World" apps but that seemed to work with one caveat: ​ The first time I
 +started up an AVD, eclipse couldn'​t seem to connect to it.  I closed it
 +and had it start up again and everything was fine.
 +Finally, since this is installed in /s, it is available on ALL supported
 +departmental red hat linux machines; not just the instructional labs.
 + Also, since eclipse, android, etc. all run under X, any student can run
 +eclipse/​android remotely (though we don't promise blazingly fast
 +performance) on any OS that has an X server and allows tunneling through
 +SSH.   ​Instructions on how to do this can be found on our web faq for
 +both linux and windows.
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