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 +===CoreData Vocabulary===
 +  -Persistent Store Coordinator- As the name suggest it is a coordinator , that coordinates between manage object context and low level file saved in our data base (Sqlite file)
 +  -ManagedObjectContext- You can think of a managed object context as an intelligent scratch pad. When you fetch objects from a persistent store, you bring temporary copies onto the scratch pad . You can then modify those objects however you like. Unless you actually save those changes, however, the persistent store remains unaltered.
 +  -NSManageObject Model- A managed object model is an instance of the NSManagedObjectModel class. It describes a schema (contains definitions) for objects (also called entities )—that you use in your application. Filename is  *.xcmodeld
 +  -Properties (of entity )- An entity’s properties are its attributes and relationships. Amongst other features, each property has a name and a type.
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