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 =====Frameworks===== =====Frameworks=====
 +Frameworks are collections of code written by someone else you can easily include in your project.
 +There are two types: Cocoa frameworks (iOS frameworks) and 3rd-party frameworks (aka vendor frameworks). Anyone can compile their iOS code into a framework and expose it to other developers without passing around their source code. 
 +The act of including a framework into your project is known as **linking** to it (alternatively,​ linking against).
 +The steps are as follows, assuming you are trying to link to the MapKit framework:
 +  -Click the blue project file at the top of the project navigator
 +  -Select "Build Phases"​ on top of the screen
 +  -Click arrow next to "Link Binary With Libraries",​ press plus button
 +  -Search for the framework name, select and press add
 +{{ ios-labs-s14:​7_3.png }}
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