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The tool used to create interfaces for iOS applications. What You See Is What You Get, drag and drop system used to put views on controllers. Stores interface information in a Storyboard file.

A storyboard is the visual representation of all the scenes, transitions, and relationships in an application.

A scene refers to a single view controller: it is a

A segue manages the transition between two scenes. A segue is established by pressing ctrl key and dragging from one scene to the other. Pushing a view controller to the navigation stack and presenting a modal view controller on the click of a button can be done easily with the help of segue thereby reducing the need for coding.

The entire application flow can be seen in the storyboard file.

View Controllers- every long rectangle on the screen represents a ViewController. These rectangles are the only things that can “float” in IB's main window

Arrows- arrows in IB represent relationships between ViewControllers.

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