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=====InterfaceBuilder===== The tool used to create interfaces for iOS applications. What You See Is What You Get, drag and drop system used to put views on controllers. Stores interface information in a **Storyboard** file. **Storyboard**- file containing the visual representation of all the scenes, transitions, and relationships in an application. Opens InterfaceBuilder when selected. **Scene**- refers to a single view controller and its associated views **Segue**- transition between two scenes. Right-click + drag from a button to another view controller to establish. **Root View Controller**- the first controller to appear in the context of the entire application OR a UINavigationController. The first is represented by an arrow that points right with no tail on the left side. The second is an arrow between a navigation controller and another view controller, and can be set up by right-click+dragging from the navigation controller.

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