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 =====Xcode===== =====Xcode=====
-Identity Inspector +IDE used for iOS and OSX development,​ though can handle other languages.  
-Attributes Inspector + 
-Assistant Editor +===Important features=== 
-Storyboards/​IB+==Left Pane== 
 +  -Project Explorer 
 +  -Debug pane 
 +==Right Pane== 
 +  -Identity Inspector- the third button from the left on the top of the right pane when InterfaceBuilder is open. Allows you to change class of objects in a storyboard 
 +  -Attributes Inspector- fourth button from the left in the right pane when InterfaceBuilder is open. Allows editing of basic properties of selected object 
 +==Center Pane== 
 +Generally contains a window into code, showing the currently selected file. 
 +Assistant Editor- shows a split view, where the right pane is automatically selected as the companion of the left pane. 
 +  -Play button- runs the application on the target 
 +  ​-Target- the simulator or device meant to run the application
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