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This is the home page for the iOS portion of CS407.

If you would like to get in touch with me to ask about the course content, have questions about development, or are looking for guidance on your projects, email me at barboi [at] wisc [dot] edu.


Content here is focused around the tutorials, since that's how you'll attack it in class. The building blocks of the course are presented per-topic below the tutorial links. These will be referred to in the tutorials consistently, but you should use the list as a quick-reference guide.


Building Blocks

These is the basic content of the course as presented in the First Principles method (see a great explanation of first principles from Elon). This means that the first tier of information requires no knowledge of iOS programming to understand and is easily accessible. The second tier relies on a comprehensive understanding of the first tier, and so on with the last. Each page should be the pure essence of the topic, the bare minimum needed to understand and use it.

Why is this material not in-lined with the tutorials? Well there are a few reasons. Repetition is the only way to really learn a language, but its tedious to repeat instructions every time an example comes up for those who have not yet grasped the idea. By having the content on separate pages, linking to and processing the knowledge is a lot more streamlined. Similarly, you need some way to understand what is going to be on the exam; by providing a list of building blocks for iOS development your experience should be a little cleaner.

Each of the pages are split into three categories based on your TA's somewhat arbitrary sense of difficulty. Consider this a topics list for the exam,. You will not be tested on topics followed by an asterix.





If you have any questions about any of the materiel covered here, please consider posting to Piazza first! If any of your fellow students have similar questions they will benefit from seeing your questions, or they may provide you with the answer faster than I can.

Lab Simulator Fix

Theres a transient issue with the simulator in the iOS lab. Xcode tries to place local files on the computer, but because your CS accounts are on a distributed file system (AFS) it runs into an error. These two steps should fix the issue.

Fix #1

  1. Click on the magnifier glass in the top right corner of the screen and search for “Terminal.” Click on the first link. Once the terminal opens enter the following commands (easier to copy/paste).
rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/iPhone\ Simulator
ln -s /scratch ~/Library/Application\ Support/iPhone\ Simulator
  1. Try to run the simulator again. If it still doesn't work, time to try…

Fix #2

  1. Click on File > Project Settings
  2. Change “Derived Data Location” to “Custom” in the dropdown
  3. Replace path with “/scratch”
  4. Run the simulator
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