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Like the Android project, the goal of this project is to build a simple RSS reader for the iPhone. You will use the provided methods to parse a feed and display the contents in a UITableView. When a user taps an article title, you must then present a new view that shows the article from its original source using a UIWebView.

By the end of this project, you should know how to:

  • Create and populate a UITableView
  • Parse XML from an RSS feed
  • Use a UIWebView
  • Pass information between views

Extra credit:

  • Find an RSS feed with entries that span across multiple days. Have each day separated into its own section and sort those sections with the most recent at the top
  • Give the user the option to email a link of the article to someone.
  • Add forward and back buttons that control the UIWebView

Library Usage:

RSSParser *rssParser = [[RSSParser alloc] initWithRSSFeed:@""];

This will return nil if it is unable to download the file (i.e. no network connection). You can then access an array of entries by calling rssParser.articleList. If articleList is nil, then there was an error parsing the feed. Your code must be able to handle both failures. If you plan on using the pubDate property, make sure it isn't nil first. Most RSS feeds conform to one date format and you find that your feed is different, you must modify the library code. A message will be logged to the console if the date value for that article is set to nil.


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