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Attached is the Location SDK. This includes everything to add location capability to the phones, and also includes sample code showing how to call the location API from one’s own apps. There is an included ReadMe file that explains everything in more detail.

We’re mailing this to you rather than putting it up for download as we’d prefer it only went to the participating students. As an added protection, the zip file is password protected. The password has been sent by email to each of you.

Also, the location API sends an application-specific id along with its server requests, and the team that produced this gave me two unique ids for each University. They should probably start out using the “Test” one. Please pass these along to the students as well.

Your application ids are sent to you by email.

Since I will be on vacation next week, we’ve created a separate email alias for receiving requests for access to the Hawaii Forum on our community server. Students should send us an email there to get access to the forum. The forum is a place where students can ask us questions, see other student’s questions, and get answers from both us and other students. There is more information on that in the ReadMe file as well.

And finally, we’ve created a website to disseminate more information about the project as time goes on. This website is at Please pass this on to your students as well. More sample code will soon be available there.

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