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  • Suppose you wanted to implement process context switching completely in hardware, without executing any OS code. What information does the hardware have to have available, and why?
  • Suppose you want to improve the speed of launching processes. You observe that people always fork() and then call exec(), so it shouldn't be necessary to copy all the memory of a process. You design a new version of fork, xfork() (extended fork) that creates a new PCB but re-uses the existing contents of memory without copying it. Is this a good idea? If so, why, and if not, why not?
  • For the following three scenarios, explain what inter-process communication mechanism is most suited to the problem and why:
    1. You have a large tree data structure in memory, and four processes are searching the tree for different things.
    2. You have four processes working on separate tree data structures (one in each process). As soon as one finds an answer, you want all the other processes to stop working and move on to another task.
    3. You are writing a search engine composed of two processes. The first process reads files looking for keywords and creates a record (word,

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