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Page: PmWiki.Homework4 - Last Modified : Wed, 11 Nov 09

  • Question 1: Assume that you have a page-reference string for a process with m frames, all empty. The string has p references in it with n different page numbers.
    1. What is the lower bound on the number of page faults?
    2. What is the upper bound on the number of page faults?
  • Question 2: Which of the following programming techniques and structures are "good" for a demand-paged environment, and which are "not good"? Explain your answers.
    1. Stack
    2. Hash table
    3. Sequential search
    4. Binary search
    5. Pure code
    6. Vector/array operations
    7. Indirection through a pointer
  • Question 3: Consider the following page reference strin:g
    All pages frame start empty.
    1. How many page faults will occur under LRU with 5 frames?
    2. How many page faults will occur under 2nd-change FIFO with 5 frames; 3 on the first list and 2 on the second chance list?

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