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Due November 17th in section.

  • Consider this code. What is printed on at the line marked LINE A and the line marked LINE B
    #include <pthread.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int value = 0;
    /* the thread */
    void * runner(void * param)
      value = 5;
    int main(int argc, char * argv[])
      int pid;
      pthread_t tid;
      pid = fork();
      if (pid == 0) { /* child process */
        pthread_create(&tid, NULL /* attributes */, runner, NULL /* arg */);
        pthread_join(tid, NULL);
        printf("Child: value = %d\n",value); /* LINE A */
      } else { /* parent process */
        wait(NULL); /* wait for child */
        printf("Parent: value = %d\n",value); /* LINE B */
  • Describe two OS data structures (such as a TCB or page table), in which race conditions are possible. Explain how a race condition can occur.
  • One problem with locks is that they can reduce performance: if all threads are waiting for a lock, only one thread can execute. A common solution to this is fine-grained locking, or using separate locks for different variables. When a small number of locks are used, the usage is called coarse-grained locking.
    Consider a hash table that is created out of an array of buckets, and each bucket contains a linked list of items within that bucket. Items are found by hashing a key to one of the buckets and then searching the list within the bucket.
    1. Describe a coarse-grained locking approach to preventing race conditions for the hash table. How many locks do you need, when do you acquire/release each lock?
    2. Describe a fined-grained locking approach to preventing race conditions for the hash table. This approach should allow multiple threads to access the table simultaneously when they do not cause race conditions.
      • Describe when simultaneous access is safe and unsafe
      • Describe when you acquire/release locks and which lock you acquire/release

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