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  • who: Michael Swift
  • where: Room 7369
  • when: Monday 11-12, Thursday 1:30-2:30
  • email: swift 'at'
  • TAs




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Homework 1 Work with partners, due Thursday 2/21 at 9 pm.
Homework 2 Work with partners. Due Thursday 3/14 at 9 pm.
Homework 3 Work with partners. Due Thursday, 4/11 at 9 pm.
Homework 4 Work with partners. Due Thursday, 5/2 at 9pm.


To submit a regrade, fix your code to get it working and create a tar file with the new files and email it to both TAs. They will compare the fixed version with what you submitted, and if it is close enough you can get some credit back.

Regrades on homeworks 1-3 must be submitted by April 22.

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