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  • who: Michael Swift
  • where: Room 7369
  • when: Monday 11-12, Thursday 1:30-2:30
  • email: swift 'at'
  • TAs




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Participation in the class is an integral part of learning. There are three ways to earn the full participation credit:

  1. Participate in class - ask a question, answer a question
  2. Come to office hours and ask me a question there. Even better, come multiple times.
  3. Prepare and present a 3-5 minute discussion of a significant computer security event, such as an attack. Possibilities include;
    • Stuxnet - attack of one nation on another
    • Melissa - email-based virus
    • Equifax data breach
    • Original internet worm of 1988
    • Snowden leaks
  4. Ask and or answer a question 3 times on the piazza discussion board.

If you want to present in class, you can do this with a partner (2 people max). Please email this instructor with a proposed security event and a set of class dates.

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