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The current release is 1.1. See the change log for a record of changes.

PCx is freely available, but is not public domain software. Commercial users should obtain a license. For conditions of use of PCx, see the copyright statement.

Full Unix Distribution

(Updated 1/10/06)

The full Unix distribution contains source code, Makefiles, User Guide, benchmarks, and copyright statement.

Save the tar file in a fresh subdirectory on your system. To install, first type

gunzip PCx.tar.gz

to produce a file PCx.tar. (If your system doesn't have the gunzip utility, you'll need to install it. Then, type

tar xvf PCx.tar

Finally, type


to create the executable PCx.

In some Linux environments, we have found it necessary to define the environment variable FC to point to the fortran compiler in use (typically f77 or g77), before running build.

A sample specifications file and some test problems are included in the source distribution (subdirectory mps). Sample problems can be executed by typing

PCx afiro


PCx 25fv47

All-C Version

(Updated 1/10/06.)

The all C version   of the distribution file is useful for machines with no fortran compiler.

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