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Technical Lead
Feb 1997 to Present
HTCondor Project, UW-Madison Department of Computer Sciences, Madison, WI.

January 1995 to January 1997
UW-Madison Model Advanced Facility (MAF), UW Computer-Aided Engineering Center, Madison, WI.
Founding Director of the MAF lab, which is the state-of-the-art computing environment for the University of Wisconsin-Madisonís College of Engineering. After starting completely from scratch, have successfully obtained (mostly via partnerships & grants), installed, and supervised all aspects of the MAFís growing computer resources now valued at over $2,500,000.00. Work hands-on evaluating, developing, consulting and evangelizing cutting-edge computer technology in the areas of high-performance distributed/parallel processing and high-end visualization. Evaluate and inject emerging technology (incl. HTCondor, MPI, Virtual Reality) into the College. Manage MAF budget and funds on both a daily and strategic basis; also manage staff of 4 employees. Created fruitful industrial partnerships between the MAF and leading technology vendors. Author and receive numerous grants for equipment from vendors and government agencies. Perform outreach and technology transfer to UW research and instructional programs, as well as Wisconsin industry. Act as a liaison from UW-Madison to other high-performance computing partners nationwide, such as NCSA and Cornell Theory Center. Develop custom computer solutions for enhancing ease-of-use for parallel computing and visualization resources. Consult and trouble-shoot for faculty, staff, and students on all aspects of high-performance computing.

Contributing Editor

May 1996 to Present
Network Computing Magazine, A Publication of CMP Media, Mannahasset, NY.
Ensure technical accuracy of material before publication in Network Computing, a national bi-monthly magazine with ~200,000 subscribers in corporate information technology. Author articles which review, inform, and evaluate corporate computer network technology in a hands-on real-world environment. Participate in strategic planning for the magazineís direction, editorial calendar, promotion, and content control. Develop testing methodologies.

Feb 1996 to Present
Coffee Computing Corporation, Madison, WI.
Manage both daily and long-term affairs for a high-technology network systems software development company. Develop network and video/codec commercial software applications in C++ for Window95, WindowsNT, Netware, and UNIX environments. Developed sophisticated client/server network file-server benchmark in MS Visual C++ currently used by CMP Media, and interest from Chevron, SCO, CompuServe, and others. Manage and collaborate with team of programmers. Negotiate both customer and legal contracts. Work with company directors and board members to prioritize opportunities and attract investment.

UNIX Systems Manager
Aug. 1990 to Dec. 1994
UW-Madison Computer-Aided Engineering Center, Madison, WI.
Total management authority over an installation of approximately 200 UNIX client workstations, 10 servers, and 4000 student and faculty accounts. Maintained University software contracts with vendors. Managed staff of six who install software, perform day to day maintenance of workstations, and write programs. Designed/deployed all UNIX network services for the center: DNS, NFS, NIS, Web, etc. Ported HTCondor distributed batch processing system to HPUX on Hewlett-Packard workstations. Manage backup system. Install/maintain network routers/switches connected to UNIX stations. Managed team software development efforts for in-house programs (UNIX C/C++ network code) and databases to manage student, staff and faculty accounts.

Network Administrator
Jan. 1988 to July 1990
UW-Madison Computer-Aided Engineering Center, Madison, WI.
Full system software setup, configuration, and maintenance of a multiple-server Novell network consisting of over 120 workstations. Develop custom software in C and assembly, such as a Netware and TCP/IP-based Email servers. Assist training consultant staff. Manage and monitor student hourlies. Problem-solve for College faculty.

BS Computer Science, May 1990.
University of Wisconsin-Madison.
GPA: Overall 3.6 of 4.0. Major 3.6 of 4.0
SNUCT Training (SP2 and MPI instruction at the Cornell Theory Center).
Seminars on effective management & public speaking.

Nine years of professional experience with systems/network programming and development, system administration, technical team management, and applications support.

Outstanding oral and written communication skills. Ability to excel on multiple projects simultaneously. Excellent team management skills, incl. ability to foster in co-workers a strong sense of camaraderie and pride-of-ownership. Knowledgeable in TQM. Able to meet short deadlines. Passionate about continuously learning new skills, technology. Experienced and successful in authoring grants, soliciting funds, and concept promotion. Strong group-presentation skills; experience preparing/delivering 2-hour+ presentations to 300+ person audiences on short notice.

Published over 25 articles in several of the nationís leading software development and network administration publications. Sample publications:

All things computers, electric bass guitar, voracious reader, cooking, brewing.

Available on request.

Feb., 1997